February 7 sagittarius horoscope

On 2nd November Venus will return to Sagittarius and as well as returning to once again give your heart a voice, this sends an immediate signal to Jupiter that it is time to wrap this up. In terms of the future that Jupiter returned last year to begin laying down the foundations for, this is the month that everything until now has led up to and everything from now will lead on from. Here Venus is able to wear her planet of money hat and as she works through the laws of attraction, these can be the most potentially lucrative weeks of any year.

However, Venus not only returns to team up with Saturn and Pluto here but returns just seven days before Jupiter is due to return to kick off what has the potential to be the most lucrative 12 months in over a decade.

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You will get that chance when the Moon moves through your communication sector from 4th November to 6th November, with a chance to give your emotional responses a voice. This is the only focus on your relationships this month and with the Moon likely to stir strong emotional responses, it is important to have the communication lines open. Meanwhile, the month begins with a strong sense of romantic nostalgia in the air.

This is coming from the fact that both planets in your romantic sector are in retrograde motion and Venus, the planet of love is in her final days in a nostalgic part of your chart. However, the lines between the past, present and future will begin to blur when Venus returns to Sagittarius on 2nd November, bringing you to the start of a new cycle of love. To have Venus in Sagittarius gives you full access to the planet of love and with Jupiter in his last full month in Sagittarius, this will bring the planets of love and luck together, for the last time in your sign for another decade.

This is one of those years or a point in your life when only by looking back will you have a chance to join the dots, recognising that the money and professional gods have had a plan all along. With Saturn and Pluto in retrograde motion in your income sector since April, they were largely out of the game as three months of planetary activity on the career front kicked off, activity that only finally runs its course on 4th November.

At the same time Uranus, in retrograde motion in your work sector has been under pressure since last month, with constant reminders to pace yourself and to work smarter.

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What you have had is things falling into place professionally, but in a way that has been keeping things in check, demanding that you not only run a tight ship on the job and career fronts but you know when to keep your work hat on and when to take it off. While the focus has been on both job and career matters for months now, the professional gods have been working to keep things in check, knowing that they are not the star of the show.

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Yet throughout that time and especially as they moved through your career sector, support for Saturn and Pluto in your income sector has increased. So much so that when Saturn turned direct in September and Pluto last month, you were able to turn to the future with confidence.

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For it is income potential that is the star of the show. It may now be clear that someone, probably at work, is not going to give in as easily as you had imagined.

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Even though it would be foolish to pretend that life is completely stress-free, you are currently in a relaxed phase between two periods of tension and friction. This is why you should be working to resolve and settle all outstanding disputes while you have the chance.

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Remember they call your sign the peace-maker. There is little in your solar chart to indicate violent upheavals in your personal life just now. In fact, you seem to be doing quite well at expressing all your needs, hopes and aspirations, getting on top of worldly and material issues. Take notice of personal tensions now, because otherwise unforeseen disputes could mar the weekend.

If there is a source of argument it will be money, so try to be certain who is paying for what — and how much they owe! An unusual amount of planetary activity affecting the region of your horoscope associated with health, suggests you should pay more attention to your physical fitness.

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Astrology deals in preventative medicine, so get yourself in shape. And remember that, in this case, it is your emotional well-being which counts for most. There is no way in which what happens now will be a repeat performance of similar events in recent times. Despite your initial forebodings, you are entering a period which in many respects represents a complete break with the past. Over the next two days the winds of change will blow through your spiritual life.