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As a result, we might have confronted some of the things we need to fix in our professional lives this week. We get to confront our fears today when Uranus moves direct in Aries.

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His transformative energy will help each of us to begin the new year on the right foot. On Monday, Venus moves into Sagittarius, creating a more playful vibe. But be careful with your words on Tuesday, when Mercury and Mars square. When these two planets are at odds, they can make our language unintentionally blunt. Meanwhile, the moon moves into Aquarius on Monday and waxes there until Wednesday afternoon.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 29th January 12222

During this time, it will enter an extended void-of-course period , which is when the moon transitions from one sign into the next and for a little while it isn't influencing any sign in particular. Anything that you attempt during this void-of-course period has a high chance of going nowhere, like a paper plane in a windy field.

Save your energy and focus on gathering your strength.

This is the first-ever all-digital global march. When Jupiter goes sextile in the natal sun, a very good influence is manifested through small daily incidents apparently innocuous but finally very favorable to the evolution of your art of living.

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Opportunities arise through your friends, your relationships, your meetings. Your excellent attitude towards everyone and your attitude full of optimism and kindness open doors for you.

The moon is in Libra today.

Love Your loves will be remarkable this week, especially for their ability to live tender and intense moments at a time. Possessiveness can be born in you, especially if you belong to the first decan of the sign. Indeed, passion knocks on your door if you are single, you are not protected from love at first sight. Your loves are linked abroad in a broad sense, whether during a trip, a meeting with someone from another culture, the exotic atmosphere will be good.

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Work A stream of pure luck comes to your socio-professional life. Those of you who were in favor of a radical change will be able to count on facilities to get things started. Your relationships will play a leading role. It is your entourage who will give you the missing elements to your projects. If you do not particularly like your current activity, you will spontaneously consider changing it. Money Your relations related to your financial life intensify, this last week of January.